I am looking for the right word to explain what the 2013 season is hopefully going to bring me.

But I’m going to leave it in the middle.. We are in the middle of all the prep work and the only

thing I can stay is that I’m still improving on a weekly base.

Running our MEYBO bikes now for a while and it feels good to back on it and it feels like a

warm welcome to me. Also our new components from BOX & Promax are really awesome.

Last time I promised some pics but my media uploader didn’t work so sorry for that.

At the moment I’m in San Diego with the Dutch national team to pre pair ourselves for the first

UCI SX World Cup in Manchester halfway April!!!!

If you want to follow me on a daily base,

keep checking my twitter.com/jellevangorkom, Facebook.com/jellevangorkomfanpage

or keep checking my website for a weekly update!!!!!!

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